Just in case you needed some more convincing to hire me,

here are some kind words from my clients.



Before working with Brooke, I had a pricing structure that just didn't feel right. I was trying to do what other people were offering and, ultimately, my clients were confused and not booking. Brooke helped me to create custom pricing structures that allowed me to provide for my family while also offering collections that best fit my clients needs. In the first three months of putting these new prices into place, I booked over $10,000 in work and I have NO doubt it was because Brooke listened and was able to integrate my heart as a business owner into the numbers!! She is amazing!  

— Laura, Laura Foote Photography


Before working with Brooke I was lost, overwhelmed and starting to feel burnt out - and I am only 11 months into being a business owner! I was accepting any work I was offered because my price points were so low I needed to accept anything I could to contribute to our family's finances. Now, just 2 weeks later, I feel confident when I give someone my base pricing and when my next opening is for on-boarding!

Brooke helped me get everything out of my brain and put it on paper in a legible way that caused me to really think about what i'm offering, and how i'm offering it.

I feel like Brooke allowed me to have confidence in my services, skills, price points and how valuable I am.



To say I felt lost before working with Brooke is an understatement. Looking back, I had no clear focus, I worked on whatever popped in front of me, I lacked organization and structure, and I allowed the back-end of my business to get far messier that I'd like to admit.

Since working with Brooke, I have experienced so much clarity in both business and in life. She has helped me uncover my purpose and refocus my energy at work so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor outside of work. Brooke helped me to clear the mental and physical clutter and now I feel so incredibly energized and inspired by the work that I am doing. I'm excited to be embarking on another year of incredible growth, and I'm thrilled to share these successes with one BADASS friend who has cheered me through every step of the way! 

- Emily, Treasury Rentals


Brooke is helpful in all ways. Not only does she understand what your business needs to succeed, she is with you every step of the way. Even if you feel overwhelmed with your business, Brooke will find a way to make it seem therapeutic and relaxing. I am always thankful for Brooke. 

— shea, shea hopely flowers