My best HOME RESOURCES & Tools

Hey There! I'm so excited that you’re looking for my favorite home tools!

Here you’ll have access to all the systems that I love and adore!!

**A little disclaimer: I’ll link to my favorite systems and tools that I use personally. Some of these are affiliate links, and if you decide it’s exactly what you need in your own home, then I may make a commission off of your purchase.**


  • Google & Gmail - Gmail is my favorite email of choice at 10+ years running. Easy to use, and a great free toolkit for basics like calendar, excel, and word.

  • Dropbox - Backup for photos and important documents.

  • Asana - for tracking recurring tasks, I just create a personal project that my spouse and I share and assign tasks to the right person! I.E. - I hate remembering when we need to get new license plates, but I set it up to automatically set every 2 years and link to the website we need to complete the transaction!

  • Zapier - Need to connect multiple systems together or set reminders through other things? I use Zapier or IFTTT (AKA if this, then than) to connect unique tools together

SCHEDULING + communication:

  • Acuity Scheduling - Don’t knock it until you try it, but I’ve used acuity scheduling to book dates with friends. Yes, it seems lame, but it totally removes the “are you available” back and forth that goes on when we’re trying to schedule a meet up with conflicting schedules!

  • Calendar Scheduler - Busy day? Need to get a beat on what you’re doing? I actually created the calendar scheduler for my business, but it also highly integrates with your life too!



  • Books/Music/Movies: I have a library card, and can typically check out a TON of digital books, music and movies for FREE without having to leave my house! Always start there before you pay for something! I get access to Hoopla and Axis 360 in my community, and between the two I rarely max out the number of downloads I’m allotted each month!

  • Book: Marie Kondo, “The Life Changing Guide to Tidying Up” - If you haven’t heard about the konmari method, Marie Kondo or the decluttering phenomenon you might be living under a rock. This little genius focuses on sparking joy, and I found the biggest connection in gathering all your items together in a category and working through the sentimental category.

  • Blog + Instagram: An Organized Life - Lauren, the woman behind this blog, is just awesome! She has tons of tips for maintaining an awesome home, and makes me want to always end of night with a clean kitchen. #peerpressure

  • Blog: Mr Money Mustache - This guy is a total badass, but if you have debt or want to crush big goals, or even think about FIRE (financially independent, retired early) and you need a real wakeup call, then stop here first.

  • Blog, Podcast, Books, Documentary: The Minimalists - This was the first step into minimalism and a simple life, it’s about doing what’s right for you. They have a ton of different mediums to tune into their content, and the 30 days mins challenge is pretty fun! Go read their early content to hear about each of the guys’ journeys!

  • Blog: Zen Habits - Meditation and challenging yourself has major pros in life. Leo keeps his blog simple and easy to use! Also - he and his family take extended vacations with just backpacks, so talk about true inspiration!


  • Netflix - I basically use this to just watch The Office and Parks and Recreation.

  • Hulu - I basically use this to just watch Family Guy, American Dad, Archer, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  • Pandora Music - I listen to Pandora throughout most of my workday. Love it. I get the one level up from free; endless music, build my own stations, offline listening options, and no ads.

APPS + Online Shopping:

  • App: Pack the Bag - Prepping and packing for a trip so I don’t forget anything important!

  • App: Starbucks - I go here more often than I should admit, but if you visit then sign up to get free rewards and deals!

  • App: Think Dirty - Adding insight to the beauty products in our home

  • Online Shopping: Amazon Smile - It’s your amazon account, but use, and select the charity of your choice! It’s the EASIEST way to give to a charity by making your regular purchases!

  • Online Shopping: Ebates - Do you online shop? This is basically just saving you money in the background for purchases you’re considering making!

  • Online Shopping: Farmgirl Flowers - Modern and fresh flowers delivered to your door!

  • Online Shopping: BoxFox - Gifting boxes. Shop a predesigned box or make your own!

Recipes + Cooking:

  • Pinterest - Recipe gathering, inspiration organization, outfit organizing. You name it, I got it somewhere!

  • Plan to Eat - Find me at brookeo to see what I’m cooking. - Plan to Eat is magnificent! I found meal planning and grocery shopping cumbersome and time consuming. This system is the easiest to use to import recipes, check off a list of ingredients I have at home before shopping, and use the app to walk the grocery store! In the first few weeks of using the system we already reduced our food waste, and I can easily plan out recipes a month or more at a time!

  • Grocery Delivery Service - -> this was a huge life saver for me during really busy seasons (you know, the 0-1 days/week kind of seasons). There are a bunch of apps now that allow you to order and have your groceries delivered, but I found this such a relief when I had a long workday or a long week and needed all the help I could get!

  • Budget Bytes - Great for low cost, and tasty recipes

  • Thug Kitchen - Vegan cooking with a sense of humor

  • Minimalist Baker - Vegan cooking; visually stunning recipes

  • Table for Two Blog - Baller chef with tasty food and a focus on real talk