My best business RESOURCES & Tools

Hey There! I'm so excited that you’re looking for my favorite business tools!

Here you’ll have access to all the systems that I love and adore!!

**A little disclaimer: I’ll link to my favorite systems and tools that I use personally. Some of these are affiliate links, and if you decide it’s exactly what you need in your own business, then I may make a commission off of your purchase.**


  • Dubsado - My CRM system of choice. All my client’s information and most of their project status lives in here (or links to here). Keeping everyone on the same page with total ease and automating items reducing errors and guiding us along to next steps as appropriate!

  • G-Suite - Gmail for business with way more features to keep your company well managed, especially as you grow your team.

  • Dropbox - Used as my backup for photos, videos, important documents.

  • Asana - Project Management tool for complex projects that don’t follow a fully defined path.

  • Zapier - A tool that connects other tools! Helps bridge a few systems together than need to have multiple next steps.



  • Acuity Scheduling - This is my calendar scheduler of choice, I send links to clients to book the appointment that’s right for them! I can set limits on number of appointments, days and times, and buffer time between appointments!

  • Zoom - Videos for client meetings. Far better clarity and quality for video conferencing and screen sharing!

  • Voxer - App for texting and communication with clients on the go. Simple walkie-talkie style system that saves messages until you’re ready to listen to them!


  • YNAB (You Need a Budget) - Philosophy (and system) that I use in both my business and personal life to manage and track cash flow!

  • MileIQ - Mileage tracking app that runs on your phone in the background! I’ve logged more miles (and accurately) using this program for the last 3+ years.

  • Wave Apps - I like to call this Quickbooks lite. It’s a free platform, but you can upgrade to paid connections. Easy to generate key reports (Profit+Loss Statements, Balance Sheet, etc), and simple to use to track your digits! Reconciliation is key to a good accounting software system and this one delivers!

  • Gusto - Payroll processing system

  • Paypal for Business - Collecting payments, simple as that!

  • Stripe - Collecting payments; this is my preferred program of choice, but my clients are 50/50 between paying via Stripe and Paypal.


  • Squarespace - Where my website is hosted! It’s an easy to use platform, and we can self manage any major elements. Bonus, you can get an upgraded acuity scheduling for free on their platform!

  • Canva - I use this all the time to create blog posts, Pinterest graphics, Instagram squares, etc. -> PERFECT for non-Graphic Designers to produce cohesive visual documents with ease

  • Pinterest - Visual based search engine platform.

  • Facebook - Social Media -> great way to connect with your community

  • Instagram - Social Media -> great way to connect with your community

  • Planoly - Used to schedule Instagram content

  • Mailchimp - Newsletter to communicate with your community in a more 1:1 style


  • Books/Music/Movies: I have a library card, and can typically check out a TON of digital books, music and movies for FREE without having to leave my house! Always start there before you pay for something that might be free!

  • Book: Profit First - Pay yourself first. This book is helpful to dive down into saving for all the different elements it takes to run a business.

  • Book: Traction - The biggest takeaway for me: the right person, in the right seat. Focused on running a strong business and lean business.

  • Podcast: Creative Well Podcast by Katie O. Selvidge - Katie is a wealth of knowledge. Soak in all the content you can from this guru! She doesn’t sugarcoat anything, and that’s exactly how I like it!


  • In Person Education: Editors Course by Katie O. Selvidge - Editors Course changed my business trajectory. I spent the first 3 months in the program removing and slashing unnecessary things, and pivoting my business in a way that was far more life giving. It doesn’t matter the type of business you run, the core of the program is to hone in on running the right life and business for you!

  • Virtual Education: Sapphire Sessions for Creatives by Valerie Gernhauser - Fantastic for wedding planners who offer more than event management (or day of coordination).

  • Virtual Education: Jessica Zimmerman - Jessica is a wealth of knowledge in running a strong and successful business. She is the reason a deleted the email app off my phone, and I have 0 regrets about it 6+ months later!