Core values

You know those fancy core values that all companies should have? Well - take a peek at my beliefs, and how those impact our time together!

  • Personalized Approach - You get one on one time with me. You have direct access to reach me, and although you might get a few automatic emails and team communication in the process, the CORE work is done totally with me.
  • Quality - I believe in high quality experiences and services. I will give you my all, and because I limit the number of clients I take on, you'll know I've got your back. For all of my clients, you'll get not only custom crafted tools, an educational lesson (with notes), I'll even follow up and make changes a few weeks into the process. Top notch quality is one of my priorities, and I always believe investing in the right tools + services has a greater ROI (return on investment) in your business strategy.
  • Openness - We'll dive deep really fast. You'll have a safe space to talk through tough situations, deep seated fears and just next steps of hope in life in a space without judgement towards past or future decisions. You'll get a sounding board, and a voice of reason to help vet your ideas and dreams!
  • Consistency - I won't nag you, but I've been know to light a fire under clients to get stuff in order. We don't set tangible tasks SO high that you're destined to fail; feasibility is first managed through your calendar, then driven down with small pockets of time with big bursts of energy and satisfying wins for evolving your business! You're running a marathon with a few sprints mixed in.
  • Integrity - Transparency is key, so I will be honest and as clear as I can be in targeting, identifying and resolving elements you're experiencing in your business.