Why Being Expensive Isn't a Bad Thing

Why Being Expensive Isn't a Bad Thing

Why Being Expensive Isn't a Bad Thing | Brooke Olsen Consulting

First off, let’s talk facts: There will always be someone willing to work for cheaper.

These are the exact words I tell my clients. And I want you to know that being cheaper isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Sometimes it’s based on Value:

  • Maybe they client connects with a peer that hits all their personal/project value marks.

  • Oftentimes, another business has a process is different than yours -> which might mean it’s easier or harder for the client to grasp!

  • Perhaps you’re only going to work with one client at a time, but this client doesn’t care about the one on one attention on a specific timeline.

Sometimes, it’s for totally different financial reasons:

  • Some business owners are willing to spend time or money out of their own pocket for an opportunity.

  • Some business owners are desperate for the business, and will undercut significantly to try to win over the potential client.

  • Some businesses need less money to run their business.

  • Some businesses need to bring home less money from their business.

And sometimes, the un-originals win a client because:

  • Someone could be showing a copy of work that isn’t theirs; meaning they’re not an original with their own visions to grow beyond the words the client is saying!

  • And, if left unattended -> it can be a race to the bottom. Being the cheapest without a growth or volume plan will run a business into the ground, but the one dance clients don’t care…. it’s to their benefit, not yours!

Being "expensive" isn't a bad thing, it's just a relative term. And it's completely subjective based on someone else's financial knowledge, life priorities, perspectives and risk taking (or risk adversity)!

And a little PS -> booking everyone that inquires with you might actually be a symptom that you're priced too low for your quality, experience and service product!

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