Understanding Your Emotional ROI

Understanding Your Emotional ROI

understanding your emotional return on investment in business | Brooke Olsen Consulting

ROI is your return on investment.

What does this mean to you? Well, it means a lot of things, and it's typically financial related, but I want to add another element: emotional ROI. 

Do you ever start a project excited, and end the project just thankful you got out alive?

It's like surviving middle school: the years are ugly, people can be downright mean, and let's not even talk about the awkward yearbook pictures please! At the end of it all you learned a lot, but some of it is who to steer clear of in your life.

I like to calculate ROI in both numbers & emotions. Journaling or using a worksheet will help you a lot depending on what you want to track. However you choose to do it, pick a frequency and stick to it. I prefer daily tracking for two weeks. 


Keep your tracking short and sweet by completing this task in less than 10 minutes, and writing down your thoughts towards your business:

  • Track your hours worked & total income for the day

  • Track your feelings & emotions, you could even judge your day by a color on a calendar, or an emoji if you're feeling spicy. The point is to create a scale and use it consistently.

  • Review & reflect on your details of the day. Who did you work with, what type of work did you do, what work did you avoid, where did you work, how did you feel?


After your designated timeframe, review and gauge your overall ROI. The goal here is to pick out patterns and highlights. Here are ways to find your averages:

  • Take your total income/hours for each day = Your hourly rate (before expenses)

  • Compare your emotions x number of working hours = average emotion

  • Review notes of what you worked on each day, and highlight a few key variables that would play into the day. What was the bulk of your time spent on, and how did that make you feel?

Your emotional ROI can be more valuable than your financial ROI when your basic needs are already met. Use the emotional ROI tracker to make sure you still love what you're offering your clients, and to learn more about yourself and your patterns day to day too!

I created this worksheet for you to use too! Download it here, and get started on tracking your emotional ROI!

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