Top 3 Business Seasons for Entrepreneurs

Top 3 Business Seasons for Entrepreneurs

top 3 business seasons for entrepreneurs and business owners | Brooke Olsen Consulting

In the course of running a business, it's likely you'll experience different seasons throughout the years.

Some seasons of entrepreneurship are enriching, and others leave you feeling drained. Don't be surprised if you experience two different seasons at once, or one right after the other! Big business shifts usually mean you'll ebb and flow between seasons.


So let's talk about the 3 business seasons all entrepreneurs experience.



1.  The Survivalist Season

You're just starting out, and are trying to grow your business, wear all the hats, and just make some money. You might be full of excitement / close to burnout, but you're probably cutting some other things out of your daily life equation or working late nights; lacking sleep and just getting by to meeting deadlines.

This season is usually lacking self-care, and you might be besties with your food delivery driver. Make sure you have an exit and emergency plan in this season. Cut the work that you don't need to do, spend at least 30 minutes for yourself each day (and longer on your weekend) to treat yo' self (bonus points if you get this Parks and Rec reference)!

The survivalist season usually shows more signs of burnout if you don't have a solid end date to this season. While you're feeling UGH in this moment, write down what you do and don't like working on within your business. This list is far more insightful once you have space to breathe, curate and reset!

After this season, take time to work through the curation season.


2. The Curation Season

The curation season usually arrives right after you end a survivalist season. Typically you're so drained, need a break and are just ready to pivot. Hopefully your curation seasons includes a spa day or two on your calendar as well as fresh air! Usually it means cutting back on your calendar, to do list or just plain outsourcing projects. Sometimes it means completely changing the scope of your business and/or raising prices because you've been in super hot demand!

This is a season you should revisit often because we usually have some business bloat we can cut, processes we can automate or team members to hire. If you or your team are maxed out, then raise the prices to help stabilize the demand.


3. The Creation Season

The creation season is one of the best seasons! Ideas are free-flowing, you're making big pivots, and you're just inspired by creativity. Marketing usually comes easier because you're in this joy of the creativity bubble and want to share your excitement! Run with this season by exploring your passion and hobbies. Use the creation season to catapult you to the next level and take calculated risks in your business and life!


Oftentimes, the end of one season will catapult you to the next season to rebalance your business life! If you're feeling between seasons, then reflect back on past experiences to see where you've come, and the changes you can make in the future to rock the flow process that benefits you the most!

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