How To Simplify Your Calendar and Set Better Boundaries

How To Simplify Your Calendar and Set Better Boundaries

How To Simplify Your Calendar and Set Better Boundaries | Brooke Olsen Consulting

How many times have you lied to yourself on how much you can get done in a day?

Yes - distractions play a part, but the other (not talked about) reality is that you might be actually working less hours than you think or thinking you have 40 hours to bill clients, when in reality you have 25 hours available to them!

First off, is to stop lying to yourself on how much that project is REALLY adding to your day, and to craft your day so you can say YES or NO, I can’t start your project until XX date with confidence.

The easiest way to set a realistic calendar for yourself:

  1. Set your goals first - without your priorities, it’s incredibly easy for your day to be overtaken by other people! Which is the easiest way to set you up for feeling overwhelmed and exhausted later.

  2. Set your must dos next - I mean, you probably need to do some work in your business. Maybe you’re on the last bit of underwear, so you really need to finish that laundry. Either way; build in ample time for the things that need to happen; especially if these are related to running your household.

  3. Reserve ample space for rest and sleep - Yes, sleep should be a priority, but you should also leave additional time for general rest in your day. So you can go to sleep if you want, but leave yourself time to decompress free of social media. In turn, letting your brain relax.

  4. Reserve time for the 2 minute tasks (mail, moving laundry, refilling the pet food, deciding on your outfit) - you know, all those little things that make your life easier, but you don’t want to prioritize or overrun your day.

  5. Set your stopping points and boundaries - Is picking up your kids the end of your workday? Is an afternoon workout protected time on your calendar for your long term health? We are better with boundaries. Use them to your advantage! Boundaries are firm lines that you shouldn’t let yourself cross… without good reason…. so that you can be the best version of yourself!

  6. Household bonus -> 20 min daily cleanup at night. This is one of the best things I’ve implemented in the last year. When we spend just 20 minutes each night, we can usually reset the common areas of the house. I tend to fall asleep faster, and wake up better rested. And waking up to a clean house means I’m more likely to keep it clean (you know, a body in motion, tends to stay in motion); it means I’m able to make coffee in peace, and clean up any mess in the kitchen immediately since everything has a place!

  7. Out of time? Cut what you can and hire out where you can afford to. There’s always a season of rest and a season of hustle… so grocery delivery or pickup groceries on the way home will save you an hour. Lawn service or your neighbor’s kid who wants money to mow the lawn will save you another hour. Sometimes the trade off of time and money is worth it, especially when you’re feeling overtired!

Access the exact calendar template I use for myself and my clients for FREE in the shop with the code: SAVEMYCALENDAR, and get to building your calendar structure right now!

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