How to Maximize an Appointment Scheduler

How to Maximize an Appointment Scheduler

How to Maximize an Appointment Scheduler | Brooke Olsen Consulting

The right appointment scheduling software can save your sanity when setting appointments with clients!

I can only speak for myself, but I think the invention of appointment scheduling software is one of the best tools created on the market.

*And the small amount you might pay per month made it one of the best investments I made early on in my business.*

You see, early in my business, I was working for a combination of 3 different jobs. and I don’t mean clients, I mean JOBS. And no - my schedule each week varied due to the nature of work I was doing! Some weeks had a flow and other weeks had long periods of time without WIFI to work on pretty blooms. It also meant I couldn’t schedule appointments (even for an hour) on these days because I was under a major time crunch!

**Before we dive in, here’s a little note: This post contains affiliate links. But I am hardheaded and only share about tools I use and love in my own business or with my clients! So if you decide one of these is exactly what you need in your own business, then I may make a small fee off your purchase.**

Enter -> Acuity Scheduling (but you can use Calendly or another option on the marketplace -> a lot of CRM systems have a calendar built in now). I thought, I’ll give Acuity Scheduling a try because it is FREE with a Squarespace account, and in turn I was able to:

  • Quickly expand my appointment types

  • Decide how far out people could book me

  • Decide the length of the appointment, including the amount of buffer time between appointments

  • Set meeting length

  • Limit the of number of appointments per day, per week or in total!

  • Limit what types of appointments could be booked on specific days of the week. Just want consultations on Mondays? Great - set it!

  • And even though I don’t use all of these feature, you could set questionnaires/forms with the appointments AND you can set appointment fees! I work clients who have used both of these, and LOVE them!

I wouldn’t be singing the praises without the data, but I was able to schedule 17 appointments within the first month. And it wasn’t even a full month into using the system!!!!

If that doesn’t sell it for you, let’s try approach #2.

I set my office hours, and gave current and potential clients the ability to book me on their time and at their leisure. That was gold to me. I immediately removed the temptation for people to play the back and forth game, ending with me trying to squeeze someone in at a less than convenient time for me. And, I was able to set my anchors! Gotta pickup the kids everyday from 2 pm - 3:30 pm? Awesome, just block it off. Now, clients can’t book it and it’s no longer on the table. 

I received positive feedback quickly, and clients got an instant confirmation which led to a happier, simpler process.

Someone ghost on you when booking an appointment? This puts them in the drivers seat, and I let it go. Clients in a busy season, and not ready to schedule their next appointment? No worries, book when they’re ready (this works because of the type of work I do, so set cautiously)! 

It also removed the bad guy feeling I used to carry when I had to tell someone “no” to their chosen time, because the system was the scapegoat for me! Without anyone feeling disappointed!

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