How to Invest in your Branding Photoshoot

How to Invest in your Branding Photoshoot

How to Invest in your Brand Photoshoot | Brooke Olsen

Brand imagery has become a priority in presenting yourself to new clients.

If you're operating on a business to business segment, then you may find yourself at a time where you need a refresh on your brand imagery to stay current, on trend, and just to create a visual fresh breath of air so you’re not rocking the a la 90s look when we’re clearly 20 years past that…!

As I’m preparing for my own shoot, here are the top ways to prepare & rock your branding shoot!

Before you even decide to host a shoot:

  • Decide what you need - Are you doing a brand overhaul or just refreshing your imagery? What types of details have changed since your last shoot that now need to be a reflection of your brand?

  • Create a palette & design inspiration board - Choose about 5-8 images to reflect your style & the new direction your brand has taken. If you’ve completely refreshed branding at any stage in the process, this information will be ready to go or easy to pull for you!

Location + Hiring:

  • Photography - Contact the best photographer you can hire! Do their specialties and look reflect what your clients love too? Are you excited about their finished product? Are they leading the process for you?

  • Planner/Coordinator - Yes, even if you can plan the shoot, doesn’t mean you should! In order to keep everyone on track, make sure you’ve booked the right amount of time for your shoot and arrive completely prepped with the shot list elements, you need a timeline and the right person to manage it from start to finish! If you’re just rolling through a small process or a head shots only shoot, then you might not need this. But anything with 2-3 sets, outfits, and multiple vendors involved - then this should be your second hire!

  • Location & Backdrop - Choose the location that is going to make the right impact on your visuals. Do you need a space that isn’t your office to create the vibe needed? Then get pricing and scope. Are you shooting in your office, but need a new paint color on the walls? Make it happen as soon as you can. Don't leave all the big pieces until the end! These are so critical to setting dates!

  • Stylist - Are you planning to hire a design stylist to help produce the best shots for your brand? If so, get them on board quickly! A solid stylist may be working remotely and sourcing for you, or in-person coming to stage everything.

  • Beauty - Are you doing head shots? I'm a big proponent of hair & makeup—why, well to make myself look beautiful! And I don't want to be concerned about touching up any of those details while we're shooting. Also—as a bonus, I get to go out on the town that night feeling amazing! :)

  • Runner - Depending on the scope of the shoot, you may find hiring a runner is the biggest blessing. This is the person who can be a prop assistant & an extra set of hands

  • Cinematography - Totally up to you, but it’s an excellent way to see the action elements of the work you do! Do you have a hard time articulating how you work or all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into everything that you do? Sometimes motion-based visuals are easier to explain the process!

Add the Essentials + Bonus Goodies:

  • Bring in the Team - Do you have a team? Prepare and share your inspiration board with them. My preference is to have each person coordinate, but not match. We're individuals, and I love to see the unique qualities from one person to another. Please—no more matching families in a photoshoot unless you want to end up on awkward family photo.

  • Flat lay Imagery Tips - Are you incorporating these into your brand imagery? If so, gather/borrow your props for the shoot. If you hire a design stylist, they should come with their own props, but be ready to add in your signature elements.

  • Fresh Element Tips - Have a few fresh elements to incorporate into your details! Is champagne one of your signature elements? Are you in love with gorgeous blooms? Maybe you're more utilitarian and love succulent plants or a good cup of coffee. Incorporate those details! Ask your photographer how these elements should be prepared (for shooting, you probably don't want hot coffee)

No matter what or how you choose to invest, do your best to relax and have fun!

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