Flip the Script: Identifying the Client Villain

Flip the Script: Identifying the Client Villain

Flip the Script: Identifying the Client Villain | Brooke Olsen Consulting

Let’s flip the script today. A lot of businesses like to talk about the Ideal Client. Personally, I see this as a unicorn pooping rainbows, but you pick your vision!

However, today I want to take a walk on the dark side and talk about the client villain.

We’re calling him Frank (I’m not sure why he’s Frank, but I assume this is Danny DeVito as Frank in Always Sunny in Philadelphia in my mind).

“Frank” (or your Darth Vader) isn’t necessarily a bad person. Honestly, Frank might just not be right for working with you!

Frank is nice, but maybe a bit too scatterbrained, forgetful, doesn’t have his ducks in a row and doesn’t have the time or money to spend on this project. Or maybe Frank is spending TOO much time or TOO much money on all the wrong things, and you’re just a service provider in the “Frank knows best” and “Frank could do better” category.

On first glance, you see and can fix the problems. But once you really dive in, Frank is the anthesis of who you want to work with! You see, “Frank knows best” and he thinks what you do is simple (i.e. it should be cheaper) or Frank is used to throwing a tantrum and getting what he wanted (i.e. a bully). Frank is intentionally seeking out people to “fix” the problem, but he doesn’t see himself as the problem.

Enter in WAAAY too much work, for little to no profit at the end of the equation, AND top it with an unhappy client. Isn’t that the worst feeling? It’s especially a bummer when the red flags were obvious, and you didn’t listen to your gut.

So, I actually encourage you to write down the characteristics of your Frank.

The unflattering aspects of the personality that don’t make this person right for you. In turn, it also hones in your marketing. Because we all have a Frank. But, maybe my Frank is your unicorn pooping rainbows! And vice versa, which is why I always say (1) know yourself and (2) know your peers!

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