Emotional Bankruptcy

Emotional Bankruptcy

Emotional Bankruptcy | Brooke Olsen

Emotional bankruptcy. Have you ever experienced it?

The feeling that you're drained, tired, and probably teetering on burnt out (yes, it’s a real thing). It's something you'll likely experience during your entrepreneurship journey. The good news is, you don't have to be alone.

Here are a few ways to help recharge when you’re feeling emotionally bankrupt:

  • Step Away from the Desk - Grab a coffee, lunch, a snack, chat with a friend, grab some flowers, go to the gym, take a nap; whatever you need to do to switch up the state you’re in. Sometimes movement can help us just rethink and reset the brain drain!

  • Reset your Calendar - I have a great blog post and resource right here to help you reset your schedule as your season(s) shift!

  • Close your Email and all Social Media - If this is a distraction, turn it off for now. It’s an easy daily win to bring back hours to your life and business. If getting those hours back means deleting email and social media from your phone or clearing your browser history, do it!

  • Speak your Gratitude - speak or write 3 things you’re grateful for in this moment.

  • Reach out to your Contacts - Guess what, you might be drowning a little bit. Do you have anyone on call that you can hire to help take some tasks off your plate (even temporarily)? If not, reach out to me here to get a jumpstart on your project strategy or visit Outsourcing with Love for specialized task support!

  • Set your Productivity Timer - The Pomodoro technique is my favorite process to use when I need to bust through a session; it’s 25 minutes on with 5 minutes off. Simple and easy to use with automatic timers!

  • Set a Date on your Calendar - Put a weekly reset/catchup day on your calendar and/or get a vacation scheduled ASAP. Sometimes we just need a little breathing room and positivity to look forward to, and I find knowing this is coming can help me through the really busy seasons!

Do you have a little list of ways you like to recharge or reset your schedule and flow?

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