Debt is a Tool that comes with a Chain

Debt is a Tool that comes with a Chain

debt is a tool that comes with a chain | Brooke Olsen Consulting

Every debt you eliminate is one more chain that you’re free from FOREVER!

Debt removal doesn't happens overnight (just as you didn't get into debt overnight), but once you remove all the chains, you can live freely. And to me, freedom and the ability to control our decisions is always a solid choice.


Let me tell you a rocking chair style story:

When I graduated college, I was working at a bank and living with a roommate. I had low expenses, but knew I had a car payment and student loan payment on the horizon.

Shortly before my loans were due, I actually called up by student loan companies to find out my balance, the interest rate and figure out how to setup auto payments. I wasn't surprised at my totals, but I wasn't sure how my current paychecks would make paying off this debt even feasible!

After a very full working season of one day off per week (and only getting to use that day to interview), I got lucky and landed a career in my field about 4 months after graduating. 


I started figuring out how much money it would take to pay off one of my small loans. About 7 months after I started paying on my loans, I wiped out the first (smallest) loan. I felt so EMPOWERED! How could I keep this going?!? 

Each bonus, pay raise and cost that I could cut was able to be stockpiled away to chip at my goal, and about 2.5 years after college, I wiped out my debt. I couldn't have been happier. 


Staying on the debt payoff schedule wasn't easy, but it was worth it. And now that we have a mortgage, that's what I think about. Each financial decision we make, and each dollar that can socked away is one step closer to that mortgage payoff.

Momentum is your biggest driver. Removing debt will feel like a marathon, but you can still have a few sprints along the way too....

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