Broken Processes = Lost Customers, and 8 easy ways to fix it!

Broken Processes = Lost Customers, and 8 easy ways to fix it!

Broken Processes Equals Lost Customers, and 8 Tips to Fix it | Brooke Olsen Consulting

Ever reached out to a company and either:
1. Not heard back
2. Went through their process, and never received a proposal or follow up note
3. Or were responded to.... months later without a acknowledgment of the time that has passed?

Sadly, the problem might not be the person. It might be their processes.

Ready for a whopping 8 tips of problems (aka, excuses) and my favorite answers?

  • Problem: You're trying to create a process that is the exact opposite of your personality!

  • Answer: Know Thyself. Don't try to fight how you (the business owner) likes to work! Know your own best practices, and create a process that capitalizes on the must haves in your business, while utilizing automation to give you more time for creativity!


  • Problem: You're swamped, and need time to work ON your business.

  • Answer: You're actually LOSING time in your business because you're not prepared to answer a potential client's questions. This isn't going to happen overnight, but I can bet looking for that email you've already written is only going to add an extra 5 minutes to loading the same email into your system, workflow or process. Tack on an extra 5 minutes when that next request comes in to fix your workflow. Your future self will than you too!


  • Problem: You don't actually have a process, so you delay replying to potential leads because you don't really know how to answer their questions about your process.

  • Answer: Creating a process will instill confidence in new clients, and give you an extra strong boost to sell your services! Creating a process is like clearing out a closet; it feels overwhelming at first, but once you get rolling it's easier and faster to make decisions!


  • Problem: You've pivoted your service offerings, but haven't reflected the front of house of your business (aka website) to reflect where you are now.

  • Answer: Listen, it happens to all of us at some point in time. Take some time to update your website copy or initial email message, so you're not trying to change the service conversation after the potential client has already fallen in love with a product or service they can't have!


  • Problem: It's time to grow a team, but you have no idea what to tell them to do!

  • Answer: Delegating is hard, but finding a strong virtual assistant (VA) who can ask you the right questions is the perfect rainbow! Search for the right person to help collect the thoughts, to dos and big dreams from your brain to implementing each piece of your process as an actionable step.


  • Problem: You aren't using a customer relationship manager (CRM) or project management tool (like asana or trello), and have all of your clients and stage of their active process in your head.

  • Answer: Woah, halt right there. I don't care of you have 1 client or 500 clients. Image if you were hit by a bus tomorrow, how would your family or friends handle taking care of your clients? A CRM can keep track of who your clients are, where they are in the process, and enough about what needs to happen next / be put on hold.


  • Problem: You don't have a follow up process. You do the call, and the potential client sounds like a great fit... and you just keep putting off the proposal or forget to follow up because you're "busy".

  • Answer: I've seen this too many times. Want to know a secret -> the people with the highest prices get that way because there are far too many people letting potential leads slip through the cracks here! The top dollar is commissioned for those who can come in swiftly, confidently and on time. Budget is usually the most flexible if you can prove reliability and accomplishments.


  • Problem: You don't have a canned but customizable email to welcome new people to your business!

  • Answer: Hey - I get it, we've all been there. But the next steps and the technical side of what needs to happen needs to be ready to go! You're already getting tired of repeating the same information over and over again, and oh - where is that link so we can schedule a call?!? Have the important pieces locked, loaded and ready to go. But don't send that email off without adding in your own personalization and flair!

Ready to book more clients, or just leave a positive impression even if it's not the right fit? Then don't delay, fix your process today!

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