5 Reasons for a Project Management and CRM System

5 Reasons for a Project Management and CRM System

5 Reasons for a Project Management and CRM System | Brooke Olsen Consulting

I’m coming at ya will full force today on 5 reasons to love a CRM or project management based tool!

Let’s break this down quickly:

  • CRM = CRM actually stands for Customer-Relationship Management. And CRM is an approach to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers.

  • Project Management = Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time.

Working together project management system and a CRM system can be your business’s biggest asset, especially with a growing or expansive team!! Not only can it save you time, it actually can save you money and errors when setup correctly. It keeps all parties working in alignment without having to send each other an unnecessary group email chain or accidentally message the wrong person about a sensitive topic!

You can have a project management system without a CRM system, but if you have a CRM system, you’ll probably have a portion of a project management system as well.

Here are the 5 core uses of a well-integrated project management system and CRM system:

#1 - Update Contact Information with Ease:

Keep all the contact information together so you can update the details in one, central location! No more sending emails to the wrong address or a dead account. You should have your client/customer contacts updated frequently, and accurately!

#2 - Singular System for Important Details:

You should have a comprehensive track record of invoice, contracts, appointments, notes and important (critical) details. Isn’t this even better when all the sticky stuff is living in one location? It will actually reduce the chance for any awkward calls when you or your team can check important notes in a flash while on a call or when returning a call with a client!

#3 - Emergency Backup:

If something happened to you, then your team or emergency fill in wouldn’t miss a beat or have to read through emails and other systems to try to find your resources and current status of a project! What a relief that you can focus on the emergency and important elements in front of you, instead of tending to needy clients or team members. It won’t be perfect, but the more detailed the system/status, the more independent your people can be!!

#4 - Get out of your Email Inbox ASAP:

It gets you out of your inbox. Point blank, it’s easier to get work done in a natural rhythm when you’re not distracted by other projects in your inbox, and your team can raise their hand to help and reassign tasks appropriately with or without you! Isn’t that basically magic? However, if you prefer to have a cluttered and full inbox, please let me know. I seriously have no idea how anyone functions with a message inbox with confidence and ease?!?

#5 - Love the Robots:

Automation like no one’s business. As a CEO and manager of the business operations, it’s critical to take a high level approach to viewing projects. And creating the right workflows will help you and the team to self guide along the project process; in turn removing unnecessary brainpower on tasks, especially critical tasks, when there are a lot of moving parts and multiple team members involved! In this process, you’ll also clarify what or who the bottlenecks are in the delivery process! Making you even more the true boss you are!

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