Things I Personally Love:

· Coffee, coffee, coffee!
· Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies
· My sweet family with my husband and our 2 kitties
· Dahlia flowers (they're my FAVORITE)
· Budgeting
· Star Trek, The Next Generation


At Brooke Olsen Consulting I'm here to take your business up a notch.

I’m Brooke! I'm a former accountant, with a passion for numbers and running a solid business operation.

My clients call me a strategist, integrator, encourager, project leader, and a whole lot of other nice names -> but all you really need to know is that I'll feel like your right-hand woman in bringing you back from burnout and moving the needle on your executing your big, visionary dreams!

I’m a firm believer that teamwork, talent, and dedication are exactly why entrepreneurs are AMAZING, and why I thrive when working on logistics & game plans with a common goal! Curious what that means for you -> read about it here.

Basically, if you need better pricing, efficiency, streamlining, and overall processes put in place, I am your girl. I love building pricing proposals, processes and being organized - all the things you hate, I do! And I do it extremely well.

So, let's talk about your mighty and growing business. Let's talk about what you really want in life. And let's get you on a solid trajectory with a clear focus of your next steps, so you can be the CEO of your dreams and get back to serving your clients with zest!

let’s hang together on your favorite channels!