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Hey There Cutie! At Brooke Olsen Consulting I'm here to take your business up a notch. Let’s be honest -> you know that feeling, the money is coming in, but you're not taking a bigger paycheck. 

If you're willing to get naked (metaphorically speaking) with me I promise I'll do the same. My services are a great fit for an entrepreneur who is ready to get a better handle on their financials. I'll create, teach and empower you to know how to rock your business digits yourself and how to outsource the work when you're ready. Seriously, it's that simple.

Once we're done, my goal is for you to not need me again for years, or until you’re ready to jumpstart a new project! 


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Not sure how you got here? Too many tabs open looking for a missing piece? Let’s get you hooked up with FREE education on the Top 5 Things to Consider when Pricing your Business Services.

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Listen, I get it. You're maxed out and need someone to call ASAP. Curious about what I'm passionate about and how we can best work together? Learn more about my approach and style.

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Boom! Gotchya -> hit up the blog or my social media feed for recent info. I won't make promises as to when I'll update it, but I will always do my best to make it worth your while!


What I Do

I know, this can all seem overwhelming. Basically, I help you get your business in gear. You and I will work together to tackle your pricing and boost your business to the next level.


Before working with Brooke, I had a pricing structure that just didn't feel right. Brooke helped me to create custom pricing structures that allowed me to provide for my family while also offering collections that best fit my clients needs.

- Laura, Laura FootE Photography



Why People Hire Me

Clients love me for the unique spin, and close friend approach I bring to the table. It's like having a supporter, business partner, big idea mover and shaker and small ground layer all in one. Basically - it's hiring a kick butt contractor team that shows up on time and creates realistic expectations along the way toward the path of your dream life.